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iSav technische specificaties

  iSav 305 iSav 905A
  isav305 s box
Hardware Architecture  
Built-in 256bit AES encryption engine
Built-in Hardware SHA-1 and SHA-256 Hash
Built-in Hardware random number generator
Management Port (1GB Ethernet) 1X 1X
Port for client (1 GB Ethernet) 2X 2X
Port for Data (1GB Ethernet) 2X 2X
USB Port 2X 4X
COM Port 1X 1X
Hardware Drive RAID 1 (Mirror) Optional Hardware Raid Controller
Temperature Sensing with automatic shut down

Mini Tower

195 x 253 x 190 (mm)

1HE Rack Mount

43,0 x 434,0 x 627,1 (mm)

Encryption AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys)
Unique Key per File Each file is encrypted by a unique key to guarantee the highest security
Delete Sensitive Data Securely Once an encrypted file is deleted, iSav will erase the corresponding encryption key to ensure the deleted file will be irretrievable.
n/m Administrators The system requires more than one security administrator to jointly login before iSav can be allowed to make changes to the configuration, access authorization, or other iSav's features.
Keep Track of Data Access Secure log providers audit trail for tracking who, when, what, and how protected data were being accessed.
Management Remote secure web management user interface
Intelligent Notification Email notification for hardware exeption
Cloud Storage  
Disaster recovery (optional) All encryption keys, configuration data and metadata are encrypted and backed up to cloud, so iSav can be recovered globally in case of disaster.
Secure your Data on Cloud Storage (optional) Before sending data to cloud storage, every file stored in Cloud will be securely protected by every strong encryption standard so that no data center administrator will be able to access your sensitive data.
Operating Temperature +5 C to +40 C
Storage Temperature -10 C to +60 C


pdficon iSav 305 Datasheet
iSav 905A Datasheet
iSav Storage Security Solution